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"Give Me Your Love" by Gateway Drugs // Give Me Your Love - Single (Out Now via Bandcamp)

It’s Summer time, so it’s always a good time for some neon-hued synth pop to help soundtrack your nights out under city lights (or by a bonfire, if you find yourself in rural parts). Cape Town, South Africa’s Gateway Drugs might have exactly the kind of energy that you’re looking for with their new single, “Give Me Your Love”. The track is absolutely infectious and despite being a chilled synth pop song, the warm vocals and muted percussion are absolutely inviting and feel like the perfect warm up to a night bouncing from bars to dance floors and all things between. It’s a sound that will appeal to fans of Johnny Jewel's Italians Do It Better Label, or hell, just about anyone who likes pretty music with a synth pop pulse. Keep an eye on Gateway Drugs. They're definitely a band to watch.

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